About Bulldog Nickelstick Eskrima
About Bulldog Nickelstick Eskrima

Bulldog is the nickname of Master Martin Sillitoe,when he fought in the WEKAF World/European/British Championships, winning Gold,Silver and Bronze medals.

Master Martin Sillitoe has been in martial arts for over 30 years,train in Karate,rank of 4th dan and title of renshi,also train in other styles silat and ju-jitsu,okinawa kobudo, was inducted in the world martial arts hall of fame on the 27th march 1999 international award outstanding black belt of the year,in Ohio USA, also train in FMA Doce Pares,Modern Arnis,Kalintaw,Kapatiran arnis and inosanto academy.

The Bulldog Chapter was born on the 27th april 2009 was given consent by GM Nick Elizar,Grandmaster/Founder of world nickelstick eskrima.

Martin Sillitoe was awarded his mastership on the 15th september 2013 by GM Nick Elizar in Cebu, philippines on GM Nick Elizar Offical birthday.

Further more Bulldog has clubs in London, Norfolk and West Sussex, Austria and Ireland.

Master Martin Sillitoe is on the British Council of Kali,Eskrima, Arnis of Instructors, The Brotherhood of Martial Arts of Instructors and UK Representive of World Nickelstick Eskrima!